Chain & Bar Oil
Part No: L1002CHB001
Chain and Bar Oil Versatool Pruner blade and chain lubrication | Chain and Bar Oil is a tough, tacky lubricant designed for lubrication of...
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Honda Power Equipment Oil 10W30
Part No: 200ml: L1002P08007
1 Litre: L1002P08001
4 Litre: L1002P08006
20 Litre: L1002P08003
Honda Power Equipment Oil 10W30 Recommended for use in all Honda Power Equipment products.
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Oil Change Kits
Part No: 06211GXEK01
Oil Change Kits Suits GX160UT1 / GX200UT models06211HRUK01 - Suits HRU196, HRU196D, HRU216, HRU216D & HUT216 models 06211HRUK02 - Suits HRU19D1, HRU19R, HRU19R1,...
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Molygrease EP2
Part No: L1002EPM2450G
moly-grease-ep2 Versatool Brushcutter gear case lubrication |Versatool Edger gear case lubrication | Molygrease EP2 is a multipurpose, extreme pressure, lithium soap...
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Hondagloss Polish
Part No: 08C25A081S
Honda Gloss Polish HondaGloss 8oz Liquid Polish, Cleans, Polishes, Seals and protects in one easy application | Can be applied in any weather...
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Lanolin Spray
Part No: L08CTR50400
Lanolin Liquid Penetrates and lubricates | Corrosion protection-remains pro-active | Non toxic | Resistant to moisture, salt, mineral acids and sulphur compounds...
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Spray Cleaner and Polish
Part No: 08732SCP00
ProHonda_Spray-Cleaner-Polish_shadow Exclusive Honda formula-superior performance at an economical price | Complete detailer in a can | Cleans road grime, grease, and...
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White Lithium Grease
Part No: 08732WLG01
White Lithium Grease Heavy duty general purpose lubricant | Penetrates between parts to provide deep long lasting lubrication | Displaces moisture and protects...
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Honda Metal Polish
Part No: 08C20A021S
Metal Polish Restores original lustre to aluminium, chrome, and stainless steel surfaces | Restores original colour and shine to most painted surfaces...
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Moly Paste (M77)
Part No: 087989010
honda-molly-m77_27356 Genuine HondaM-77 assembly paste | Coats metal surfaces with a long lasting film | Contains MoS2 | 50-450 degrees fahrenheit | Protects against fretting...
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EP Grease C2
Part No: L1002EPC2450G
EP-Grease Versatool Hedgetrimmer gear case lubrication (short & long) | Versatool Pruner transmission case lubrication | Versatool Blower gear case lubrication...
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Part No: 591ml: 087320020B Spray bottle (with trigger)
946ml: 087320032 Refill (no trigger)
Hondabrite 3-4 cc doubled copy Cleans an entire motorcycle or ATV in just minutes | Removes dirt, oil, road grime, and insects | Cleans paint,...
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Carburetor Cleaner (Non-Chlorinated)
Part No: 300g can: L1002CC1000
1 Litre tin: L1002CC2000
Carburettor Cleaner (Non-Chlorinated) Cleans throttle and choke linkages | Decarbonises intake and emission system components | Computer oxygen sensor safe | Ultra-Low VOC...
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Hondabond 4
Part No: 087171194
Hondabond 4 Semi-drying liquid gasket | Seals irregular surfaces with a tough, elastic film | Solvent-based for easy removal; also resists gasoline.
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Dielectric Grease
Part No: 087980001
Dielectric Grease Non-conductive waterproofing compound | Insulates electrical connections and adheres to most surfaces, sealing out moisture, dirt, and corrosion.
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Fuel Stabilizer by Sta-Bil®
Part No: 118mls: 087320800L
236mls: 087320800
Fuel Stabilizer Genuine Sta-Bil formula eliminates the need to drain fuel for engines stored longer than 60 days | Prevents rust, corrosion,...
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Anti Seize
Part No: 08732AS000
Anti Seize Protects against rust and corrosion caused by chemicals | Provides excellent protection over an extended period for threaded fittings |...
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Hondalock 1
Part No: 087130001
Hondalock 1 Low-strength blue coloured thread-lock for frequently removed and/or low-torque fasteners | Protects against corrosion and wear | Resists vibration, moisture...
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Hondalock 2
Part No: 087130002
Hondalock 2 Medium strength orange coloured threadlock for medium-torque fasteners.
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Hondalock 2HT
Part No: 087130004
Hondalock 2HT High-temperature red coloured threadlock for medium-torque fasteners in high temperature applications such as cylinder head exhaust studs.
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Hondalock 3
Part No: 087130003
Hondalock 3 High-strength green coloured threadlock for semi-permanent and/or high-torque fasteners | Helps retain gears, bearings and pulleys to their shafts.
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Hondabond HT
Part No: 087180004
Hondabond HT High-temperature silicone liquid | Unique formula is non-acidic and won't corrode aluminium like other silicon gasket products will | For...
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